About Me

Hi, I'm Priscilla Tang, a keen lover of dogs, an artist, designer, of more than 20 years, all out to delight my dog-lover-clients with work done from the heart.

I call it "heart work"!

Yesh, my objective really is simply that: To bring a smile to your face, to charm you with that depiction of your good dog with his personality coming through.

I believe in the existent goodness in mankind and I am especially keen to bring back, through my work, the relevance of conscientious transparency into the pet industry.

I am a staunch follower of Jesus Christ - part-Pollyanna and part-earnest person in general. Hopefully, to make a little dent in this universe, one brush-stroke at a time. Yay!


                            Peace & love to you all!


Thank you for your sustained interest up to this point in me!

Do use my service.

         Priscilla Tang

Priscilla Tang
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