Business Name: 'Pet Portraits with Family' capitalizing on free fashion-upticks

Base us on "The Platinum Rule" with underpinnings of the Good Book (yes, we are unapologetic that way): To Serve You the way you know best you want, not how WE want......of course we are artistic professionals too!

Our differentiation: Free fashion consult for makeovers for you & your dog.

Bobby & Pris

 Portraits with Your Dogs


                  WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO

I have been a closet Pet Artist for most of my life. It seemed the most natural directive for me to combine it with my 20 years Fashion Illustrator experience (New York and Hong Kong). Here I can enhance - enrich - empower the personas of my customers and their pets - a unique and beneficial perk in my job! I accessorize, give upticks on fashion selections, redesign hair-styles.


I am constantly upgrading myself on matters of dogs (breeds), art, and, fashion. Nothing beats crafting a persona where my clients feel enhanced, deserving and loved!

I work out of my own apartment in Hong Kong. It is paid for, my overheads are moderate. I source much of my art materials from New York (reminiscence of my art-school days in Manhatten). 

Yea, we are the ones who keep following The Way and that is the way we intend to lead our lives. Serious? Yes. Adamantly. There's a saying that when you vowed to be a vegan, would you necessarily avoid that "Floral Vegan Restaurant" just because you have a beef about Chrysanthemum blossoms? Just a parallel in metaphor. In other words, our work applies and benefits even if you come from Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky! 


Inevitably we sometimes do leave revenue on the table from our would-be clients. We are not the cheapest, but we do great work on a full belly, deeply committed to meeting your needs. How well do we appreciate and understand that you came to us for that purpose in the first instance?


Finally, to all those dog-lovers out there of the same colors as the rich palette on our boards, do give us a holler!

Priscilla Tang
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